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Plumbing Maintenance

Avoid Unexpected Water Leaks With These 4 Easy Plumbing Maintenance Ideas

Plumbing Maintenance

Too many home and business owners, a leak might not seem like such a big deal. After all, it’s only a little water coming out of a fixture or a pipe, what’s the big deal?

The truth, however, is much more surprising and financially painful. A water leak, no matter how small, will end up costing you money, because it counts as water being used that you have to pay for.

And it can often lead to more serious problems like water damage or mold infestations that are very expensive to address. So what do you do? You prevent leaks from happening with these maintenance tips.

Take Your Water Pressure Down

Low Water PressureMost of the time, people don’t even really think about the water pressure in their pipes, except maybe when it comes to showers. Some people want high pressure to get a good shower.

However, high-pressure showers are something that can be taken care of by your shower-head. For the rest of your plumbing, however, high pressure is bad news.

High water pressure throughout your plumbing can hurt both your pipes and other water appliances like laundry machines and dishwashers, eventually causing leaks. Reduce the pressure on your pipes, and you lengthen their lifespan.

Don’t Use Strong Chemicals to Clear Drains

Chemical Clog RemoverA slow drain or even a blocked drain is certainly a problem. However, the solution isn’t always going to the store to buy a powerful chemical agent.

A lot of modern drainage pipes are made from PVC, essentially a synthetic plastic and the repeated use of these chemicals is like acid, eating away at the pipes. This eventually causes your pipes to weaken, break, and eventually, start leaking.

Don’t Let Corrosion Start

Pipe CorrosionMetal pipes may be vulnerable to corrosion for a variety of different reasons, but the results of corrosion are always the same.

The metal reacts to chemical processes and eventually weakens, resulting in a break. Unfortunately, corrosion can take place inside the pipe, meaning it could take some time before it is visible on the surface.

Corrosion can be prevented in a variety of different ways. Copper pipes, for instance, can be protected by the simple application of a layer of paint sealer.

On the other hand, if your metal pipes are also being used for grounding purposes for electricity, that electrical energy can be causing galvanic corrosion. So, ground your electricity some other way to prevent this.

Track Down Leaks Quickly

Identify a LeakWhen all else fails, and you suspect you may already have a leak, it’s still not too late, especially if it’s small. This means you can fix it before it escalates to a more severe problem, but you’ll need to confirm and locate it.

Search all your pipes for water or moisture stains and damage in the area. This also applies to walls or ceilings where pipes may be located.

You can also use your water meter to confirm a leak. Take a reading, stop using your water for a period of time, then take another reading. If your water meter still shows usage, you’ve definitely got a leak.

Green Bay, WI enjoys a lot of conveniences and experiences professional support for plumbing for both home and business owners. But you can prevent emergencies on your own with a little foresight and maintenance.

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