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Don’t Let the Joke be on You This April Fool’s Day!


Your home’s plumbing system is no joke! One small change in your water use habits or household situation can pack a serious punch on the utility bill. There’s no need to resort to unorthodox techniques to save water and money.

If your utility bills are drowning you, we know the absolute best ways to get back at them; with money savings! Check out these incredibly easy ways to save more money right now.

Don’t Be Fooled! Rain Water is Always Free

Have you noticed the crazy amount of free water we’re receiving lately? Setting up a water cistern or any large container to capture rainwater from your gutters, roof, and even the sky can save you a lot of money throughout the year.

While you don’t want to drink rainwater, you can always use it for outdoor activities such as hydrating your lawn and garden, washing exterior home surfaces, and scrubbing the pollen off the car. In addition to lowering your water utility bill, harvesting rainwater offers a variety of additional benefits such as:

  • rainwaterProvides freshwater
  • Offers zero hardness, which extends the life of appliances
  • Plants will thrive on it
  • It reduces the flow to sewers and the threat of flooding
  • Helps reduce the peak demands of utilities during warmer months

Plumbing Maintenance with a Plumber’s Touch

plumbingmaintenanceBen Franklin once stated, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We’re not kidding when we say that by investing just a little bit of time and money in your home plumbing system will save you even more money.

One of the main causes of property damage for homeowners is water damage due to plumbing and pipe problems. Conducting regular plumbing maintenance to ensure that everything is in tip-top working order can help you avoid expensive problems and tremendous inconveniences.

Not every reason to call Vern Kummers Plumbing is an emergency! Our plumbers can help you lower monthly bills through routine plumbing maintenance and upgrades. We offer several services that can put money back into your pocket. Whether it’s fixing a leak, installing a water softener system, or simply introducing energy saving water fixtures, the safety and comfort of your home is what matters to us.

Save More Money with Simple Plumbing Solutions

savemoneyWe have one more opportunity for you to save money and have the last laugh. Whether it’s our coupons or affordable services, opting for professional plumbing help doesn’t have to be the biggest expense you make this year. Homeowners in the Green Bay, WI area have trusted us for over 40 years with their plumbing services.

This is just one way we can offer loyal and new customers alike a chance to try our great services at a discount. Feel free to print or just present our online coupons to your plumber when they arrive, that way you’ll save money before we even get started!

We all wish it was a prank when we encounter an unexpected plumbing problem. While our team of expert technicians cannot turn back time, we can provide prompt and reliable services to help you save money and prevent further damage.

Keep your money from going down the drain and show the utility company who the joke is really on! Give us a call at (920) 468-8756, even if it’s not an emergency, we can answer all your questions and give you details on the variety of services we offer.

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