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Don’t Stop Spring Cleaning at The Surface


One of the most exciting times of year is when you and your house have made it through the annual Spring Cleaning. It’s a lot of work to put in but it is exceptionally rewarding to see everything sparkly clean. As much work as you put into the annual cleaning ritual, there are important parts of your house that need to be maintained with the help of a professional.

Under the surface of your house is your plumbing system and it needs its share of Spring Cleaning as well. Just because you don’t see the results of sparkling clean pipes doesn’t mean you will ever regret having your system maintained.

Avoid The Clog With Drain Cleaning

draincleaningAmong the most annoying household breakdowns, a clog in your drains can make entire rooms of your house nonfunctional.

If you let a drain get to the point of being clogged, often a professional has to come out to snake the drain or other extensive measures to get your plumbing operational again.

It does not have to wind up with a full and total clog. Regular drain maintenance can avoid the catastrophe of a clogged system and keep everything flowing nicely.

Don’t Overlook The Sewer Cleaning

sewercleaningThe plumbing maintenance for the season shouldn’t stop with the drains. Most people don’t think about it, but the sewer system is completely separate from the drains.

However, it forms an absolutely crucial part of your house’s plumbing system, carrying contaminated grey and black water away from the house and all the way to the sewer.

Allowing this system to break down and clog can have serious consequences for your house later. Thankfully, routine Spring cleaning of the sewer line can greatly reduce the chance of a total breakdown and avoid the terrible issues of a clogged sewer.

Invest Now to Save Money Later

savingmoneyOn the surface, it may seem that these bits of maintenance are unnecessary expenses during the busy time of Spring Cleaning. After all, the old saying goes that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The simple answer is saving money.

Dealing with a clog in either the drain or sewer lines can result in a repair that costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars, not to mention the loss of use of parts of your house. The maintenance of these systems can cost only a fraction of that amount.

Putting out a little bit of money now can avoid a nasty surprise later. Let’s be frank. No one really gets excited to actually do the work of Spring Cleaning. Instead, the warm weather gets excited to be outside and frolicking outside of the house.

However, no one likes to come back to a dirty house at the end of a fun day. Thankfully, when you call a professional to handle your plumbing cleaning, the hardest part of the job is dialing the phone number. A professional from Vern Kummers Plumbing, Inc. will be happy to come out and help. Just dial (920) 468-8756 and your drains can be cleaned up in no time.

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