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The Best Way to Fix a Toilet that Won't Flush

If one of the most frequently used pieces of bathroom plumbing stops working properly, it can cause a panic. But before you start calling in the cavalry, take a moment to assess the situation. Not all malfunctioning toilets require a plumbing professional.

Sometimes you can do the job all by yourself. You would be surprised how easy fixing an inoperable toilet can be. Keep reading to discover the best way to fix a toilet that just won’t flush.

Replace the Flapper at the Bottom of the Tank

“tankflapper”If the problem is your flapper, you’re in luck. These little pieces of equipment are inexpensive and easy to fix. The flapper sits at the bottom of your tank and is connected to a lift chain, and on the other side, it rests on a hole.

The hole is where the water flows from the tank to the toilet bowl for flushing. If the flapper is warped or broken for any reason, this will inhibit water flow.

Additionally, if the lift chain has been detached, it will not lift the flapper, and this will stop the toilet from flushing. Be sure to check both when doing your inspection.

Flush Toilet Using Water from a Bowl

“waterinsidetoilet”If you’re caught mid flush and aren’t sure what to do, there is an easy solution. Simply fill a bowl of water, lift the toilet seat and the lid, and dump the water into the toilet bowl.

Flush the toilet while you are doing this. By dumping the water quickly, you are creating a force that will send the remaining contents in the toilet down and out through the pipes.

Call a Professional to Check for Clogs

“callaprofessional”When all else fails, turning to a professional for help just makes sense. Yes, it feels nice being able to fix something yourself; however, a professional knows your bathroom plumbing like the back of their hand, and can easily fix things an untrained eye might miss.

This can save you on time and stress trying to sort out a problem someone else already has the solution to. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a certified plumber for help.

Now that you are more knowledgeable on how to fix a very common plumbing issue, you can relax. Sometimes even when things seem like an emergency, they really aren't. And even if something does move into emergency status, you know you have the pros on your side to take care of you.

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