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Plumbing: More Than a Trade

People tend to enjoy works of literature, like novels and poetry, as well as having an appreciation for visual arts and music. That’s what most people think art is: Van Gogh paintings, Mozart’s sonatas, and maybe works by Robert Frost or Hemmingway.

However, this word, ‘art’ is not restricted by this simple idea. Art can also include an entire idea, like professional plumbing, for instance. We’re going to look at the world of plumbing and how it can certainly be considered art. Keep reading for more information!

Plumbing IS Art, Always Has Been

“alwaysart”The word ‘art’ comes from the word ‘artifice.’ If you do a quick internet search of the word, you’ll see definitions of trickery but also of ingenuity, basically anything that is not part of nature.

So, simply by existing, plumbing can be considered ‘art.’ Pipes and plumbing have been around since ancient times, dating back to Roman and Greek civilizations.

This means the techniques, tools, and materials used in plumbing can be viewed as art and plumbers as masterful artists.

Modern Plumbing as New Age Art

“modernplumbing”If you live in an area that has fountains placed in ponds and find it beautiful, this can be considered art. This might not seem like a big deal but think of all of the pipes, pumps, and techniques used to build this.

Need further convincing? Think of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Fountain of Wealth in Singapore, the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, and the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona.

Some of these fountains are well-known for the sculptures around them, while others show off with beautiful water shows, synced to lights and music. If you have never seen one of these shows, it is almost as if you are watching a world-class ballet, but with water instead of dancers--all moving perfectly to the beat.

Around Your Neighborhood

“communityplumbing”In your neighborhood or in your city, you probably see different forms of plumbing art every day. Designed lakes with fountains, like the ones mentioned above are just one of the ways that plumbing can be used in everyday life.

However, these aren’t the only possibilities that artistic plumbing has: beautiful drinking fountains, well-designed water parks, and even sewage drains are all part of artistic plumbing.

You might be thinking, ‘wait, sewage isn’t pretty,’ and that is precisely the point! Modern plumbers have figured out the best ways to treat sewage safely without it being seen and smelled by people in the area.

Stop & Smell The Roses

As cliche as that saying is, it couldn’t be a truer thought. Sometimes simple things that are not traditionally considered ‘art’ SHOULD be because without them the world would be a lot uglier (and smellier.)

This is all about perspective--you don’t have to take a fancy vacation to see world-famous fountains or other works of art--beauty can be seen in the world around you!

If you’ve learned a thing or two from this post, or enjoy reading new perspectives, take a minute to share this with your friends!

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