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Easy Tips for Water Fun On the Longest Day of Summer


Farmers, artists, and common people have been celebrating the summer solstice for many centuries. This year, the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is on June 21st. The reason we celebrate is that it’s the day with the most sunshine all year, so it serves as the official end of spring and kickoff to summer.

After a seemingly endless winter in the Midwest, how will you celebrate the beginning of summer? The warmest, sunniest season of the year will be over before you know it, so if you haven’t already planned your celebration, allow us here at Vern Kummers Plumbing, Inc. to make a few easy, wallet-friendly suggestions.

Set Up a Classic Slip-n-Slide

sprinklerandslideInvite your neighbors and their friends over for a potluck barbeque. While the adults are socializing over some fizzy beverages, kick back and watch the kids play on the slip and slide.

If you have kids, then you know that they’re often the most affordable form of entertainment (when they’re behaving well, that is).

All you need is a roll of plastic, a few tent stakes, and a sprinkler to entertain yourself and your guests until the dinner spread is ready. Just make sure you hose all of the grass off of your kids before they dish up or you’ll have a little extra garnish with your potato salad.

Bonus: your lawn will get plenty of water so you can enjoy the night with your guests instead of moving the sprinkler around the yard all night.

Cool Down and Settle Scores with Hose Fights

hosefightsIn every classic, old Hollywood movie, there seems to be a fire hydrant that floods the street with water for the kids on a hot day. In the real world, that’s unlikely to happen, so the next best thing is to pull out your hoses and arm your kids.

You’ll have a ball watching them drench their siblings or friends, plus they’ll give your grass a nice drink while they’re at it. If you don’t want to deal with a drenched child and lots of puddles in your yard, arm your kids with squirt guns instead.

It’ll take quite a bit more skill for your kids to drench each other, which means a smaller mess in your entryway when they’re done playing. They’ll run around the yard like wild little ninjas, and you’ll save a few dollars on your water bill by opting for squirt guns instead of the hose. Either way, your kids will have a great time.

Plan a Full-Scale Water Balloon War

waterballoonsfightWith just a few dollars and some advanced planning, you can set up quite an experience for your family. Give each member, mom and dad included, a laundry basket full of water balloons. If you’re really type-A, you can even color code them, so each person has his or her own type of balloon.

Set up some obstacles or barricades to hide behind and set your family to the task of drenching each other. Your kids will love spending the extra daylight running around the yard chasing each other with water balloons. Just don’t be surprised if Dad initiates a coalition of the kids against Mom. You’ve been warned!

No matter who wins the water balloon war, you’ll have an afternoon filled with laughter and memories to last a lifetime from this unique outdoor activity.

Whichever way you choose to spend your extra daylight, we hope you have a wonderful time. Don’t forget all of your smart water conservation strategies, but don’t let them hinder your fun on this special day either. The longest day of the year only comes once every 365 days!

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