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Why Does My Plumbing Smell?

Do your kitchen or bathroom drains give off a nasty smell? There are a few reasons why this usually happens, but your best bet for getting rid of the problem and keeping your drains smelling fresh is to get a professional drain cleaning.

But there are some minor issues that you can handle yourself, so here are a few tips to help you.

Why You Need to Contact a Pro

“whattodo”While you may very well be able to handle this plumbing job on your own, when you've got a horrible smell in your home, it can be hard to diagnose the root.

The quickest way to get rid of the smell, and the best way to prevent it from reoccurring, is to have professionals attend to the cause. They can also do a full drain cleaning for you.

Similarly, you may not have the right tools to get the job done. Smelly plumbing can be caused by blocked toilets or drains, or even by a leak in your sewer line. Professional plumbers have high-tech diagnostic tools that can help you, such as listening devices and cameras to examine all your pipework for issues.

There Might Be Sulfur On Your Pipes

“sulfur”There is a distinctive odor that will emanate from your plumbing if your plumbing is contaminated, and that's sulfur. Basically, this smell is produced by an excess of bacteria, which releases hydrogen sulfide gas.

The question is, is that smell coming from your pipes or is the water contaminated with bacteria? Here is how you can tell. Fill a drinking glass with water from where you suspect that the offensive drain or piping might be located.

Take it outside and smell it. Smell like rotten eggs? Now fill another glass from another tap. Take it outside and smell it as well. If it also stinks like sulfur, it is the water itself that is contaminated. If it smells fine, your pipes are likely the culprit and may need replacing.

Your Sink Might Be Contaminated

“contaminatedsink”If you are like most WI homeowners, you're doing a lot of food prep in your sink. However, you may notice that, over time, a funky smell is coming out of your drain. It is possible that the stench is the result of food debris trapped in the pipes, and now it is decomposing.

Furthermore, if you are doing food prep that involves lots of raw meat and other bacteria-heavy items, and you are not cleaning the sink or flushing the pipes afterward, that bacteria may be lingering in your drain and building up inside the plumbing.

To freshen your sink, sprinkle baking soda and white vinegar in the drain. This natural deodorizer will neutralize the smell. Flush with hot water and be sure to clean often afterward to prevent the odor from returning. You don’t have to endure a bad smell in your home. Call your local Green Bay, WI plumber to help you today, and think about getting regular professional drain cleanings.

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