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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Gifts & Wisdom


As we pass Mother’s Day, we should all take time to celebrate our mothers, the same way they took the time to teach us many important life lessons. This is that time of year when we get to spend time with the women in our lives that invested so much time, energy and wisdom into all of us, even plumbing wisdom.

It’s also an opportunity for us to recall all of the memories we have, some of which are all of the things they made us do growing up that we would have rather not had to do (although now we are all extremely grateful they made us do them...mostly).

Wipe the Glassware!

wipeglassDid your Mother ever ask you to wipe down the already clean glassware? I know the feeling! How can a glass that was just cleaned look so dirty? Especially those small, foggy spots that look like you didn’t dry it well the first time.

Well, believe it or not, that’s actually a common sign that the water in your home is too hard. Hard water is essentially mineral-rich water that needs to help from your local plumber.

Whether it’s a water filtration system of a water softener, your mom wasn’t going crazy by making you re-clean those glasses. They probably needed it (even though they were only used once a year on her favorite holiday).

You Spend How Much Time in the Bathroom?!

longshowerSomething else moms constantly said growing up was the need to learn how to take less time in the bathroom, which really translated into “take shorter showers” was “The longer the shower, the higher the water bill.”

Since most of us pay our own water bill now, we can all probably agree that my Mother was right. In addition to saving on the water bill, we save in a couple of other areas as well.

By shortening the length of our shower, we naturally conserve water while also conserving the condition of our pipes. It makes sense if you think about it. The more water barreling through the pipes in your home, the sooner corrosion will appear.

Collecting Water and Saving Money

collectwaterIf we’re talking about ways to conserve water, lower your monthly bill, and limit corrosion, then collecting water would be the next step (and next level for many homeowners).

Growing up, in addition to encouraging dishwasher use and taking shorter showers, many moms would put a bucket outside and collect water every time it rained.

If you live in Wisconsin, you know you could buy extra buckets during the early months of Spring because the rain was not in short supply.

This water is not only fresh, but can be used for dishes, baths, and any kind of cleaning necessary. Depending on the month, this water can last quite some time and certainly helps save on the monthly water bill. I guess it's true that Moms really do know best.

While we’re not sure if you can relate to learning these small, but significant life hacks from your Mother's, we hope you all take the time to call the special woman in your life and thank her for teaching you these money-saving lessons. We may not have seen the reason for it then, but now we’re all eternally grateful. Because who wouldn’t want to spend less money, right?

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