Reputable Gas Line Leak Detection & Repair in Green Bay

Do you smell gas in your home? Gas leaks are common problems that are dangerous and inconvenient. Call Vern Kummers Plumbing, Inc. the next time you suspect a gas leak. Dial (920) 468-8756 for fast and reputable gas line repair services.

Gas Line Leak service

As a homeowner, nothing is more stressful than experiencing a gas line leak in your home. The experts at Vern Kummers Plumbing, Inc. understand how serious these types of repairs can be, which is why we always provide the most comprehensive gas line leak detection and repair services for homeowners in Green Bay, WI.

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Signs of a Gas Line Leak

Although natural gas is a colorless, odorless fume, there are several noticeable signs and symptoms that indicate a leak or tear in your gas line. Keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • Hearing a Hissing Sound: A hissing sound coming from your gas line or gas appliances indicates a rip or tear in the line. This is the sound of gas escaping the line.
  • Smelling Rotten Eggs: Gas companies put an additive in gas that smells of rotten eggs to make it easier to detect in the case of a leak. If you smell this, you most likely have a leak and require emergency gas line leak repair.
  • Dead Grass: A gas leak that is located underground may cause the grass or vegetation above to turn brown and die. If you notice spots of brown grass in your yard where the gas line is located, you probably have a leak.

When to Invest in Gas Line Replacement?

Many homeowners will avoid replacing their gas lines or installing new ones unless it’s absolutely necessary. Here are a few instances when you should consider a new gas line installation:

  • Consider replacing the gas line when you upgrade your gas appliances. New appliances should get new gas lines.
  • Are you building an addition to your home? You should also upgrade the gas lines.
  • If you are constantly investing in gas line repair, a new installation will most likely solve all your problems.
  • Switching from oil to gas requires new gas lines to be installed.

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More Reasons to Choose Us

Vern Kummers Plumbing, Inc. has a reputation for excellence. We are also known in Green Bay for the following value-adding features and benefits in addition to our quality service:

  • Fast and Reliable Emergency Service: No matter when you notice your gas line leak, our technicians are on call to help right away with fast and reliable service.
  • Master Plumbers: There is no higher industry certification than master plumbers. Our technicians have the training and experience to hold the highest certification possible.
  • Consecutive Winner of the Best in the Bay Awards: Our hard work and commitment to our customers show in how we are recognized by the community. Current and future customers can trust the opinion of others when choosing us.

Trust a professional to detect and repair suspected gas line leaks. For fast, reliable gas line leak detection, repair and comprehensive gas line replacement services in Green Bay, WI, call (920) 468-8756 today.